by flowering

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first release by judge russell under his new name / recorded from march 2014 - september 2014 in various bedrooms but mainly mine / all songs written & recorded by judge russell

tapes available at


released October 8, 2014

love to dawson goodrich for playing guitar on tracks 1 and 5, grass stains for being sampled in the coda for two moons, chaeli allen for her piano on safe (nothing on earth), the people i sampled who could sue me & my friends for listening 2 this shit

equipment used: macbook w ableton, takamine acoustic guitar, squire stratocaster, piano downstairs, voice, dawson's guitar, my amp, chaelis glockenspiel, the casio, walker's drumset, chaelis small yamaha keyboard, my phone, 2 of jack dutts electric guitars, thunder, bird chirps, chaelis piano, hotel alarm clock, sm57, sm58, & the microkorg.



all rights reserved


flowering Newtown, Connecticut

flowery kid from newtown connecticut makes pop music

ever wanna book me/us? email me at

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Track Name: ps
the trees are much bigger than me
the trees are much more meaningful than me
so tell yr mother anything
tell yr sister that im sorry
tell the people you knew that yr leaving
tell yr old friends that they mean nothing

take yr life back
if they won’t give it to you

tell your family anything
that you wanna tell them
tell yr mother that you hate her
tell yr poor old dad that yr gay

standing back later on
please stand back
this is goodbye
Track Name: graves
ill dig a grave
for someone else
so they can be
further from hell
and from myself

ill dig a grave
for myself
when i can
finally tell
its okay to
die sometimes
if you know to come back alive
and if our
bodies sink
further than
we thought they’d be
into the earth
thats where ill stay
you’ll grab my arm
say its ok
to send your cries for help
when you realize you’re closer to hell
then you thought you were originally
in fact you’re there already
so how are you supposed to live
without your favorite thing you like
u just keep going
and even if you’re not living
at least you’re not inside the
grave i dug for you
just for you
Track Name: stars
one day i hope i will die
and become part of the sky
just like shaq and my old cat
and im up there ill say "hi
sorry, im allergic to you
& basketball too"
and not to be rude
but i can't wait for you
to be here soon

shaq, my cat, & i circling round the moon
not 2 be rude but i cant wait for u to be here soon

and ill say "i have never believed in heaven
so i guess i was right
for once
and to be honest
this is much better
than whatever
god had planned for us"


the one thing ill miss; the smell of your food
the scent of it leaking thru cracks in the room
im miles in space, my nose has no use
though miles away i still can see you
Track Name: crickets // just birds
the crickets have been a lot quieter lately
and i guess
so have i
im exhausted all the time
even when i can sleep
i choose not to
computer fan, cool me off

me rambling at 5 am:

its way too early for this
im sleeping; nothing matters
cars are rising up, cars are passing by
sun is rising up, sun is passing by
dog woke up, ran out the room
woke other people up, they ran out of their room
see the leaves coming through the windows

the room is now darker than it is outside
i said id sleep
but i didnt
i said id do more work
but i didnt
i can hear the birds
they cant hear me
i mean they can, probably
if i talk loud enough
but they cant understand me
is all there is
bright computer screen // dim memories
grey & white, grey & white
no snow though
just birds
Track Name: symptoms // forest ok
you've got the symptoms
now the day has come
you've got to fess up

you thought that you were ok
doctors never lie to me
lying down like mantis prey


dead bugs sleep on windowsills
hows it been?
nothing trees rustling trees
ive been fine
forest ok
Track Name: handstamp star song
driving in your car
right before dark
pointing out the streets where your friends live
nothing stays the same
everything will change
and the leaves will grow back on the trees again

and i know because i saw it in a dream
not too long ago
i saw sweet smelling flowers
and i saw you
and you were ok